Who Are Our Applicants

The CAN is a portal where applicants can simplify their search for a wide variety of support, as needed. One request connects the applicant to multiple non-profits partners who are in a position to help an applicant, based on applicant criteria and need. Applicants can not only request assistance, but are able to securely store, share and electronically sign documents, communicate with providers, manage personal finances, set tasks, and much more.

The CAN is HIPAA compliant, ADA compliant, highly secure and the membership is always free of charge to applicants.

Interactive Dasboard

  • An interactive dashboard gives you a clear line of sight of what requests you have made and the status on each.
  • Potential CAN partner matches that may be able to provide assistance can be seen here.
  • When a profile has been validated by a CAN partner, the “Green Check” badge will appear next to your profile picture.
  • Real-time updates of all activity happening with assistance requests are visible on the dashboard.
  • Quickly jump to any section from the home dashboard.

Extensive Profile

  • Your editable profile contains your personal information, as well as details of the military service provided to this nation by you or your loved one. You only need to fill out the information once.
  • This detailed information is continually compared with the support available from all Coordinated Assistance partners to determine the best organizations to assist you when a request is made.
  • Each partner has already defined the Applicants and needs they consider to be an ideal match for their services and will be notified if your request meets those definitions.
  • You can upload a photo if you like and even upload documents if needed for portions of the profile dealing with disability and prior assistance received.
  • Because the profile is extensive, your request process will be very short and easy!

Quick/Easy Assistance Request Form

  • Current assistance available on CAN includes financial programs, housing assistance, coaching & counseling, and employment & education assistance.
  • Because your universal profile information is collected only once up front, our request form for each unique event of need is short and simple, just a few short fields.
  • Once submitted, a proprietary algorithm matches your request to all available assistance and notifies all potential matches that a new request has been submitted.
  • Instantly find out how many organizations received notification of your request.
  • Once your request is claimed by a partner organization, they will connect with you directly through the Coordinated Assistance Network to start their case/file management process.

Request Management

  • CAN provides one place to manage all of your requests, and see the status as progress is made.
  • Edit or delete open requests from the table as well as update any tasks assigned or upload photos to specific requests.
  • All individual actions (and interactions with CAN partner organizations) that occur within the CAN are certified HIPAA compliant are meant to keep information safe.

Secure Document Storage

  • Upload important documents for quick access to them anywhere in the world by logging into your CAN account.
  • Items such as past evaluation reports, a resume, a driver’s license or other identifications can be uploaded and saved.
  • Share specific documents securely with a partner providing assistance without the risk of sharing personal information over email or some other unsecure means.
  • NTT Global, an industry leader in the security field has provided a state-of-the-art cloud-based document management system for CAN.

Secure Messaging

  • Communicate directly with each assisting organization on the CAN’s integrated messaging system, knowing only your case/file manager has access to the content.
  • CAN messaging eliminates the need for external vulnerable email servers.
  • Messaging streamlines communications with all parties involved in your file.

Task Management

  • Task management creates and receives tasks associated with your requests.
  • View, work on and update a comprehensive list of all tasks in your tasks section.
  • Update the progress of each task and be part of the case/file management process.

Employment Organization

  • Seek employment assistance posted by CAN partners and resources.
  • Post yourself to the applicant talent pool and be found by potential employers.
  • Create and upload resumes using a professional resume writing tool.
  • Use a form to create and export a professional references list.
  • Keep organized by creating an employment/salary history, identifying employment skills and barriers, and uploading professional certifications.

Financial Tools

  • Use in-depth financial self-assessment monthly budgeting tool to get a full picture of overall and monthly financial outlooks.
  • Take the “America Saves” or “Military Saves” pledge and receive free financial coaching!
  • Utilize free self-education courses provided by our partnership with Money Fit to help you navigate any financial scenario.
  • The Coordinated Assistance Network has partnered with agencies who can provide free credit scores without running a full credit report.

Education Organization

  • Upload documents pertaining to your education past, present, and future for safe keeping. You can share these with organizations providing education assistance.
  • Enter your educational history including your current endeavors with our course lists.
  • Keep track of your scholarship and college applications to ensure you don't miss a submission date or lose track of contact info.
  • Identify potential educational barriers and learn to overcome them using our helpful links section and role playing games.

Local Resource Directory

  • Sometimes support is closer than you think. A quick search may make a connection.
  • The Coordinated Assistance Network maintains assistance directories in many communities.
  • Resources must update or verify their information once per quarter to ensure accuracy.
  • A rating system allows applicants, partners, and resources to research entities before engaging.
  • Searching CAN by keyword & zip code, a range of assistance can be found, such as food banks.