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Welcome to the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN), a portal to meet the demands of the changing world we live in with a goal of making people’s lives better. The CAN is an emerging digital technology to protect and advance the fundamental rights of all people, particularly historically underrepresented people. It emphasizes the benefits of technology and minimizes the risks, while keeping its focus on more effective ways to identify gaps and opportunities. The CAN is a wide portfolio support initiatives that connect low-to moderate income communities to jobs, education, housing and a more economically secure and equitable future. Simply put, the CAN is an intersection of philanthropy, impact and measurement. The CAN is always free of charge to applicants.

How We CAN Help You

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The CAN provides a multi-user, collaborative, web-based, robust file/case management software along with Multiple Intake methods, detailed organizational results reporting tools, grant management, donor and volunteer management, and state of the art collaboration opportunities designed with the specific needs of the non-profit org into account.

Streamline Operations

Standardize data collection, aggregate data, and generate reports. With reduced paperwork and intuitive workflows, you’ll have more time for client interaction.

Coordinate Care

Configurable case coordination that supports data collection and best practices across programs. Avoid duplicative work, increase communication, and improve care.

Demonstrate Outcomes

Show each of your stake-holders outcome-based metrics and use that data to enhance program performance. Win grants with details of the impact.

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