Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Coordinated Assistance Network?


The CAN is a secure cloud-based platform for individuals and families in need of aid and resources seeking help from various social service programs. The CAN’s pillars are finances, housing, employment, benefits, education and/or counseling. Through the portal, applicants can interact and receive assistance from numerous partner non-profits and other providers. The result is a streamlined process that efficiently connects people with specific programs to meet their individual needs.

Why does the CAN choose to boldly embrace DEI work?

The CAN is uniquely positioned to effect systemic change in our times with its state-of-the-art digital infrastructure providing an all-inclusive, holistic approach to case coordination and management. The CAN seeks to involve all partners, subscribers, applicants, staff members, community organizations funders, and visitors through meaningful opportunities across service initiatives, the web-based platform, client engagement, and other areas that promote and recognize principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion to create an environment for constructive engagement, reflection, and growth.

Who can apply to the Coordinated Assistance Network for help?

The CAN is an applicant portal for all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religion and sexual orientations seeking services. The CAN considers anyone who fits these descriptions to be an "Applicant" for services. The CAN specializes in connecting applicants to nonprofits. Learn More: (button that leads to the list of all social service)

Who are the Partner Organizations in the CAN?

Partner organizations of the CAN work together and independently to support applicants’ services such as; financial assistance and education, counseling programs, housing programs, employment programs and a myriad of other social services. By participating in the CAN, small and large organizations have opportunities to work as a team to find the right resources to meet the needs of applicants and their families. All partner organizations on the platform have been approved by the CAN and its advisors. The CAN has a zero-tolerance policy for nefarious or perceived inappropriate activity by non-profit participants or applicants alike.

As a member of the CAN is my personal information safe and secure?

Yes. When you register on HIPAA-compliant th CAN your personal information is only available to authorized staff from participating partner organizations. Your name and any personal information are never sold, shared or provided for any purpose outside of the Coordinated Assistance Network and may be shared or viewed through permission-based access by you. You only need to enroll in the CAN one time. Once you have applied and provided the necessary information and documentation, you won’t have to provide that information again, unless your basic information changes and the profile requires updating. Security for the CAN is provided by NTT Global.

What documentation will I need when I apply and who will see it?

1) All documentation is for verification and education purposes only. If required, your documentation will only be shared with the partner organization(s) who you authorize to view it. At times, you may be required to share documentation or a copy of your driver’s license, SSI or disability paperwork, or a copy of your DD-214 or VA disability award, if applicable.

2) All submitted copies should be clear and legible. You may scan, upload and store them when applying.

3) Some additional information may be needed by partner organizations to assist you.

How will I know the status of my request and which organization is helping me?

The status of your request for assistance is important. The CAN’s goal is to provide the most accurate and timely information regarding your request. The CAN partner organizations will update your status as soon as they have reviewed or taken action. Some requests may take longer as more information may be needed. In some cases, the non-profit organization working on your request may need to contact you for information as well. In all cases, you will be able to view the real-time status of your request on the CAN’s member profile and dashboard area.

May I use the Coordinated Assistance Network more than once?

Yes. You may apply for assistance as your needs and circumstances change. However, it will be important for you to keep your member profile updated with the latest information to most accurately define which programs are best matched with your request. The goal of the CAN is to provide assistance and services that lead to independence. Each request for assistance becomes part of the overall history for each applicant, only viewable by non-profit providers. You may be in contact with multiple organizations for different needs or services, but you must apply separately for each request.

Am I guaranteed help when I apply to the CAN?

While the CAN is one of the most effective and efficient means to apply for assistance, there are no guarantees that every request will be met. What can be guaranteed is that every request will be posted on the network and receive a thorough review and consideration by the partner organizations positioned to assist applicants. There are times where a request does not match programs of the non-profit’s that utilize the CAN. In that case, applicants will be encouraged to stay engaged as new non-profits and programs are being added to the platform. All requests for assistance are reviewed and prioritized based on the ability of the partner organizations to honor the request. Participating partner organizations do have limitations of how resources are allocated and must devote those resources to the greatest area of need in accordance with their individual missions and bylaws.

Why does the CAN ask for so much documentation?

The CAN assures every request received can be vetted or verified by its partner organizations. The CAN does not have direct access to your records without your consent. The network’s ability to provide the assistance you need is solely based on the accuracy and completeness of your application.

Will I need to register with every organization in the Coordinated Assistance Network?

No. Each organization uses the application system provided by the CAN. While each organization may ask some additional questions, you only have to complete the profile registration once.

I need help right now, what do I do?

You first need to apply to the CAN here. Please be sure to state the urgency of your need in your request. All requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, so if you have an eviction notice in hand, a housing crisis or other type of critical need, be sure to include that in your application. You will have enough space to describe your specific circumstances, which non-profits are able review.

Can you send funds directly to me?

No. As part of its process,the CAN partner organizations never send direct funds to applicants. For all types of assistance, partners will need to verify certain information relevant to the request and send funds directly to the provider, where applicable.

How is the Coordinated Assistance Network made possible?

The CAN is made possible through donations from the American public, corporate sponsors, and foundation grants related to the mission of uniting social service organizations and advancing lives. We do not exist without the incredible generosity of people like you.

Who created the CAN and why?

The CAN was founded by VeteransPlus, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that delivered financial empowerment by providing financial solutions for Veterans, active military, survivors, caregivers and their families (Applicants). The CAN was originally launched as the “Yellow Ribbon Network” (YRN) in 2011 by VeteransPlus when partnerships were struck with several aid organizations. The goal was to operate as a website for matching applicants with assistance organizations, dedicated to avoiding misuse of charitable aid. The Coordinated Assistance Network had a rich history of facilitating the delivery of millions in aid to Applicants and families across the United States.

As a result of the COVID-19 national crisis, the CAN partnered with several organizations that have little or nothing to do with the military community. As a remote workspace through the pandemic, the CAN empowered organizations with the ability to access files, manage their teams and remain productive. Through new customization, the CAN has transformed its interface to accommodate a host of organizations across a sea of goodwill. After being exposed to the broader issues that face our society today, the CAN team understood that the platform needed to become more inclusive and diverse in its approach to change the landscape and structure of social services.

The Yellow Ribbon Network was rebranded as the Coordinated Assistance Network in February 2021.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, your donations are 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law. The CAN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The CAN’s FEIN is 26-4702901. A personal donor dashboard inside the network will allow you to view those you have supported and aggregate total donations so you can keep up-to-date records. The CAN may be reached via email at [email protected].