Trinity Bay Vocational Institute Inc.: Momentum to Modernize Grant (M2M)

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M2M grant recipient, Trinity Bay Vocational Institute Inc. (TBVI), was founded in 2018 by Alfred Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell was cognizant of the fact that not all individuals are college-bound; nevertheless, they still should be afforded the choice of, and the requisite skills required to achieve a financially rewarding career. Trinity Bay was created in response to the needs of a wide swath of people who were being overlooked. It was founded with the goal of providing an avenue to achieve career readiness for students who are interested in entering the trade industry in Houston, TX, and its contiguous areas.

According to recent studies shared by Next Gen Personal Finance, with college commonly touted as the sole path to professional success, it’s no wonder that just under 16% of surveyed high school graduates enrolled in a vocational or trade school. However, a little over 40% seriously considered pursuing an education in the skilled trades, suggesting a shift in thinking among high school students. More specifically, 40% of respondents have thought about becoming a mechanic while 36% and 32% have considered electrician classes and welding training, respectively.

Trinity Bay Vocational Institute Inc. has an alliance with the National Black Chamber of Commerce to increase its Workforce Development and Skills Development Program offerings to individuals interested in becoming Electrical Technicians, Instrumentation Technicians, Plumbing Technicians, and Process Technicians. The Memorandum of Understanding affords Trinity Bay the flexibility in the delivery of educational curricula tailored for its participants. Furthermore, it supports leveraging the trainees’ fortitude as the foundation by which the individual recognizes that they can achieve through the execution of principles and self-discipline; aligning the trainees’ personal and professional development with TBVI’s values of accountability, respect, responsibility, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration; and empowering the student and supporting their desire to achieve their chosen career trade while simultaneously igniting the student’s responsibility to give back to their community.

TBVI was recently awarded the Office of Apprenticeship Certificate of Registration of Apprenticeship Program by The United States Department of Labor for the occupation of Electrician (Alternate Title: Interior Electrician). This means TBVI is registered as part of the National Apprenticeship System in accordance with the basic standards of apprenticeship established by the Secretary of Labor.

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By: Sydney Marks

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