Non-Profit Fundraising Strategies: 7 ways technology can help

Technology plays a significant role in enhancing non-profit fundraising strategies in several ways. By embracing technology, non-profits can enhance their fundraising efforts, increase donor engagement, and amplify their mission's reach, ultimately leading to more effective and efficient fundraising strategies. Here are seven tech-related fundraising strategies for your non-profit:

  • 24 May 2023

The Blackwell Baby Cafe: Momentum to Modernize Grant (M2M)

CAN's commitment to prioritizing the success of Minority Led Organizations (MLO’s) starts with creating innovative opportunities to empower their growth. The Momentum to Modernize Grant (M2M) was created to provide technology that produces transformational resources for nonprofit infrastructure, efforts to scale, and implementation support.

  • 11 May 2023

How to Build Healthy Finances as a Young Veteran

Congratulations on completing your service in the military! Now that you’re returning to civilian life, you might feel overwhelmed by the prospect of transitioning back into “normal“ life.

  • 9 Feb 2023

CAN Receives 2023 Platinum Seal of Transparency

CAN announced that they have received their 2023 Platinum Seal of Transparency with Candid, formerly known as Guide Star. The seal program is designed to advance confidence

  • 27 Jan 2023

CAN Amongst 18 Non-Profits To Receive FFP Grant

### [Foundation for Financial Planning Announces 2023 Grant Recipients]( ##### **\***[](**Globe Newswire, January 25, 2023**:* FFP to issue $550,000 in grants in 2023 to support pro bono financial guidance programs for Americans facing financial hardship WASHINGTON, January 25, 2023: [Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP)](, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding access to pro bono financial planning for people in crisis or need, has announced that it will award grants to 18 nonprofit organizations around the country, each working to deliver pro bono financial planning to populations who could not otherwise afford or access services. Benefiting pro bono clients will include families affected by cancer, military veterans, active service members and their spouses, domestic violence survivors, and more. Together, these organizations will benefit from more than $550,000 in grants that FFP will issue in 2023.

  • 25 Jan 2023

A Home Repair Guide for Veterans

As a military veteran, moving to an unfamiliar city, getting a trusted real estate agent, sifting through countless homes on the market, and negotiating with sellers–you have enough to worry about in the home-buying process even before the home inspection happens.

  • 13 Oct 2022

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: How can we acknowledge it?

Indigenous Peoples’ Day was designated a national holiday in 1923, and in 1971, the government declared

  • 12 Oct 2022

Inflation: 5 Tips for Veteran-Owned Businesses

If you started running your own business after completing your military service, you probably expected that you would run into obstacles along the way.

  • 7 Sep 2022

Technology: Why it is vital for your Nonprofit

The simple utilization of technology can mean the difference between success and failure in today’s nonprofit world.

  • 18 Jul 2022

COVID-19: How did it affect the Nonprofit sector?

On December 12th, 2019, a cluster of patients in Wuhan, Hubei Providence, China began to experience shortness of breath and fever.

  • 18 Jul 2022

LGBTQIA+: Why is there a wealth gap?

Did you know that LGBTQIA+ Americans are more likely to be underemployed and underpaid than the general population, despite being more educated?

  • 1 Jul 2022

Minority Led Organizations: How can we empower them?

It is no secret that the nonprofit sector is not even merely as diverse as the population of the U.S. workforce. But why?

  • 1 Jul 2022